"Rainbeau is an exceptional yogini whose graceful presence inspires the student to offer the fullest of themselves to every moment."
John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

"Rainbeau has an incredible gift for teaching. I am grateful to her."
Flea, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Rainbeau Mars is the rare gift in a teacher; able to lead by instruction, example and inspiration."
David Duchovny, actor

"Rainbeau embodies the connection that we are all so hungry for"
Rick Rubin, Music Producer

"Rainbeau Mars is an extraordinary yogi, actress, nutrition expert, and model. Rainbeau Mars is a real-life superhero."
David Wolfe

"Rainbeau is the bomb. Working with her has been amazing."
Esai Morales, actor

"Rainbeau is a teachers teacher. Brilliant, beautiful and divinely inspired."
Dr. Light Miller, ND, author, Doctor of Ayurveda

"Rainbows appear after the rain. There is no way to describe how talented she really is. Rainbeau has a gift."
Melissa Puch de Fripp, Intuitive reader

"We're over the moon for it."
Vital juice

"This is a fantastic workout and a nice change adding in martial arts movements with yoga postures"

Embark on becoming a certified ra'yoKa teacher
Total: 1 hour 51min
Total: 1 hour 46min
Total: 1 hour 33min
Total: 1 hour 26min

Lecture 18 min
Adjustments 18 min
Series 1 hour 51 min

Lecture 19 min
Adjustments 18 min
Series 1 hour 46 min

Lecture 13 min
Adjustments 15 min
Series 1 hour 33 min

Lecture 12 min
Adjustments 15 min
Series 1 hour 26 min

Complete Teacher Training
Certification Assignment
Suggested Reading List
Certificate of Completion
Bonus: Skype One to One with Rainbeau
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rayoka rayoka by rainbeau mars
Bonus Feature
*30 minutes Skype One to One with Rainbeau Mars.

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